LED High Bay Light

High bay is used in high-ceiling areas such as industrial manufacturing and mining industry.
In addition to provide illumination under normal condition, some high bay series also have
features of exploration-proof and anti-corrosion.
Advantages of High Power LED High Bay include high thermal conductivity, low lumen decay,
high color purity, no flickering etc.

LED Street Light

NOKE LED street lights achieve ultra brightness/luminance; energy-saving over 70%.
Special modular design for the Lens (independent modules) and high luminous efficacy,
high CRI, easy for maintenance.
Intelligent and isolated power supply (NS semiconductor and Japan Rubycon capacitor),
reliable and stable, automatically reduce current against overheating working temperature……

LED Linear Light

LED linear high bay lamp with aviation aluminum material, which has good anti-pressure and anti-corrosion capacity.

Shell body spray powder roast process will never faded. High quality PMMA light distribution lens- Crystal, anti-pressure, anti-crack and high light transmittance, reach excellent lighting effect.

Innovation one module of fin tablets group optimization duct, formed air convection, can be with full stereo thermal effective and increased thermal area to guarantee a long service life.

Bbuilt-in power: power would occupy small space and keep whole lamp more beautiful.

LED Flood Light

LED Flood Light source adopts Bridgelux  integrated or Philips or Cree LED encapsulation
Secondary optical high transparent high boron silicon optical glass
Impact resistance is strong, strong anticorrosion performance.
Single LED adopt module design, easy installation and maintenance.

LED Explosion Proof Light

Explosion proof light with delicate design, multi-function, applicable to various scene use.
Various beam angle available via different module design, with LED chip and driver with high efficacy,
together with professional lens design, and rate up to IP66, bring you a brand new lighting experience.

RGB&CCT Color Changing light

Design for both functional and decorative lighting, elegant appearance, safty and reliable, highly ornamental.

Stainless steel panel and aluminum lampbody, has the advantage of

strong anti-corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

Very good waterproof design, easy maintenance, easy installation.

LED Domestic Light

LED domestic lighting directly replace fluorescent lamp
Use high quality and efficiency LED, low power consumption & no pollution
Long life time, various color temperature for options

LED Commercial Light

Integrated structure,the projected light is even and soft especially suitable for
all kinds of high top,shed places.High efficiency and energy saving,
especially suitable for outdoor large area be unmanned lighting;
Good ergonomic design with environmental color.